Being an LDK member does not just give you access to a variety of rebates and discounts – it also open doors to exciting opportunities in your career and personal development!

Life As a Postgrad
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Newly Admitted, or an Experienced Doctoral Candidate?

It doesn't matter! LDK is open for anyone from anywhere studying anything* within third-cycle education at Lund University! Together, we do our best to make sure you will get the world-class research education you deserve!

* With the Exception for Doctoral Students at LTH - to learn more, click here.

Lunds doktorandkår
- the Short Version

Lunds doktorandkår (LDK) guards the interests of doctoral students at Lund University. We organise social events, help fellow postgraduates and represent all doctoral students' interests both locally and centrally within Lund University.

Better Together!

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The Organization

Making sure that Lund University's research education is of the highest standard is not a one man job. Learn more about who represents you and your interests.

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One membership – endless possibilities! Do you want to sign up for student housing, get a rebate on the local train or just come to our social events?
We will get you sorted!


Your Rights

Did you know that there are several laws and regulations that governs your education as a doctoral student? We will make sure that you are not only well informed, but also well represented!

We are here for you!

Get to know LDK's Presidium!

The LDK office is staffed by doctoral students working part-time to coordinate LDK and interact closely with our doctoral student councils as well as your DOMB (Doctoral Students' Ombudsperson).

Johanne Arnfred 

Executive Director of External Affairs

The Executive Director of External Affairs represents LDK both within and outside of Lund University and works closely with the other student unions to promote the interest of doctoral students. The Executive Director of External Affairs also maintains an awareness of both the external and internal political landscape in which the organisation operates.




Juan Ocampo

Executive Director of Internal Affairs

The Executive Director of Internal Affairs is responsible for all matters regarding LDK’s internal organisation. The Executive Director of Internal Affairs has the overarching responsibility to coordinate the decisions made by the Presidium, the Board, and the Governing Assembly and should make sure that it is communicated in every branch of LDK’s representation. 



Jennifer Emsfors

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer oversees all matters that relate to LDK’s financial situation, from presenting the union’s annual budget, interacting with LDK’s bank, accounting firm, and auditors.


Haro de Grauw

Doctoral Student Ombudsman

The Doctoral Student Ombudsman (DOMB)  is mandated to assist doctoral students at Lund University when they run into challenges concerning third cycle studies.

Read more about how LDK can assist you with your student rights...


Sounds great!
Where do I sign up?

Becoming a member of LDK has never been easier! Just fill in the form by clicking here.

What about Studentlund?

We don’t want to force you to join a society that you may not be interested in. Consequently, you do not have to be a member of Studentlund to become a full-fledged LDK member. That being said, we strongly urge you to join Studentlund (which includes nations and the academic-society) if you want to sign up for student housing, get grub form the nation next door or just go to the undergrads pubs and clubs.

But I'm a doctoral student at LTH...

No worries! Even though we would love to hang out with you - doctoral students at the Faculty of Engineering are officially organised within Doktorandsektionen (Dokt) at Teknologkåren (TLTH). Usually, doctoral students from both LDK and Dokt meet up for social events, gatherings and important meetings so we will most definitely see you around! To sign up for a membership at Dokt and become a part of the great doctoral student community - click here!

I'm having some trouble with my membership card.

No problem! We are here to help. Please follow this quick and easy guide to make sure everything is in order - click here.


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